Vision for Sound

Groundbreaking Sound

Our Story

Sonar Sound is Sydney’s premiere studio for high-end drama sound post production.

We pride ourselves on the award-winning work we have created for the country’s finest producers and directors. Our passionate and creatively driven team has produced hundreds of hours of high quality television sound for every Australian television network.

We are dedicated to the craft of sound design and creating a friendly and welcoming environment for the people we work with.

Our Environment

We work in our custom-built, state of the art sound studios situated in the Australian film industry’s creative hub: Fox Studios. The studios have a welcoming and energising feel and feature three large presentation rooms, five edit suites, two ADR booths, and kitchen facilities.

Our Process

First and foremost, our passion is for telling stories. We thrive on collaboration with like-minded craftspeople and pushing the boundaries of what sound design can bring to every project.

We’ll go to any lengths to capture unique and original sounds, trekking through remote wilderness and urban wastelands alike.

More than just sound design, we’re interested in the creation of dramatic and original soundtracks which unify sound and music.